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The Platinum Vision & Evolution

Platinum was originally a people based project intended to bring together individuals who share a common purpose: to stand up to negativity, hatred, and bias. Dr. Egerton initially started this private campaign over 20 years ago by creating parallel approaches in her work with organizational development and personal coaching. Her work has been built upon the need to create a clear path for those who follow after her, leaving as few obstacles for them to face as possible. She realized this work must be made public after we discovered so many other like-minded individuals were traveling the same path. There were allies all around— people who genuinely care about how they treat others, people without a self serving agenda, people who are concerned with making the world a compassionate and kind place for everyone. She also recognized she was in a powerful position to provide guidance and support for these individuals and forge a breakthrough towards equality and unity. During this meaningful work Dr. Egerton expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to facilitate global change: "I am moved by the overwhelming number of individuals who have joined me in this journey and I welcome those out there who are ready, willing, and able to do the work but don’t know how or where to start."


The movement towards equality begins at an individual level and does not need to be advocated by everyone to be experienced by everyone. This effort is a culmination of individuals making small changes each day, affecting the world around them in a positive and meaningful manner. Each interaction between friends, coworkers, family members, neighbors, and strangers is affected and changed to generate a chain reaction of positivity and continuous growth. So why should we invest so much into this process? One could argue that it is imperative in building the bridges between people who are aware of the differences but who have seemingly forgotten about the many similarities that connect us as one human race. At the apex of these connections, the fundamental characteristic that all humans possess and unfortunately the characteristic that is threatened the most, is our humanity. Our humanity is our ability to see people as people, not as objects— it is our kindness and our compassion, our empathy and our integrity. We have lost the importance of comprehending our humanity and have consequently hindered its evolution. The world continues to change around us while we stand still, unable to learn or to grow. The differences we face become threatening and create challenges, when instead they could provide us with the opportunity to connect and learn from each other. We must be willing to acknowledge and welcome these differences and use them as sources of enlightenment and inclusion— and as a return to basic human decency. 

Platinum in Business

The Platinum Model in the workplace is designed to align with the mission, values, and the current culture that has been intentionally cultivated by the leadership of the organization in conjunction with an assessment of the workforce involved. 

The leadership determines how the organization functions and how the culture develops around the workforce, the environment, and the demographics of the surrounding population. Integrating the Platinum Model ensures employee engagement and promotes an inclusive and supportive environment where personal growth is encouraged and collective competency is valued as an organizational strength. 

When the Platinum Models is established in the organization and employees begin to engage in the work, a tangible and measurable effect takes place. Employees are certified at each level and training they complete and a corresponding certificate is recorded in their HR file. These certifications can be applied to annual employee performance evaluations, promotion opportunities, or disciplinary procedures. An employee who has completed or is in the process of completing The Platinum Training is typically an engaged and invested member of the organization- they demonstrate core values that make them a good employee. These valuable employees and managers create a “coaching culture”, an environment where the staff has the opportunity for growth and development and where they are encouraged to reinvest in the people and the success of the organization. 

In the workplace individuals are so engaged in personal performance and status that they ignore the power of human differences and similarities. These differences and similarities pave the way for collaboration based on diverse perspectives and common purposes and goals. High performance teams base their success in the integration of individual experiences and the inherent strength of collaboration. The Platinum Model creates a foundation for employee engagement, sustainable educational practices, and motivation towards organizational success. 

Does your Organization Need Platinum?

The Platinum Connection becomes part of the culture of the organization at all employee levels. This checklist provides some guidance in determining how beneficial The Platinum Model can be to any organization.

  • Do we have an established code of conduct for employees’ day-to-day behavior? 

  • What message are we sending to the community we serve?

  • Is there a unified understanding of how the colleagues interact with each other?

  • Are the supervisors supportive, encouraging, and well-intended when engaging with their staff?

  • Is philanthropy part of our organization’s vision?

  • Are we actively recruiting employees who are engaged, enthusiastic, and invested ?

  • Have we cultivated respectful behavior at al levels of the organization?

  • Do we have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment issues? Is it established, recognizable, and fully enforceable? 

  • Would our organization go beyond bronze, silver, and gold and make to Platinum?

Platinum, IDEA Certification, & the Enneagram

For Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Anti-racism training & Enneagram Workshops please contact us for our exclusive Certification Programs, development & consulting, and more information on incorporating these programs into your organization.

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If you would like to bring Platinum into your organization please contact us for a free consultation. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about the scope of work, the cost of services, and the availability of our consultants.

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