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We are diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism specialists. Our culture change initiatives utilize the Enneagram and trademarked TTC tools to design workplace and community workshops. Our work creates the mindset shift necessary within communities and organizations to respect the diversity of every individual at all levels of society. We coach individuals, organizations, and communities to move from the space of apathy & tolerance to acceptance & inclusion. 

We specialize in facilitating change by working with individuals utilizing the Enneagram Personality Archetypes. This unique approach allows us to go beyond the normal scope of work and dive deeper into the heart of the organization: the people.  To learn more about the Enneagram and our process please visit our Enneagram page. Our other services include executive and life coaching, management training, culture change, diversity, equity, and inclusion frameworks, discrimination, sexual, and all forms of harassment prevention, and compliance & ethics training. Our results yield the return of humanity to the work environment, philanthropic based morale, productivity improvement and respect for all individuals


Our Team collaborates with an innovative network of consultants who specialize in many areas of practice such as business best practices, population health management, culture council formation, leadership development, conflict resolution, social & economic justice, executive coaching, and employee engagement. Our consulting network is extensive, highly experienced, and invested in producing life changing results for our clients.

For over two decades, TTC has effectively worked with organizations on a national and global platform to develop healthy, sustainable organizational cultures. As a limited liability company and small business owner, President Deborah Threadgill Egerton, Ph.D. is involved in all aspects of business and project management. Dr. Egerton works collaboratively with a select group of consultants as needed to:

  • Plan, develop, and implement key project tasks and activities

  • Facilitate on-site meetings, workshops, and coaching sessions

  • Facilitate responses to emerging special needs and challenges


In planning sustainable growth and development strategies, TTC considers unique workplace issues and collaborates with divisional representatives to assess needs and to set specific organizational goals and objectives. This approach assures interventions are relevant to the organization’s needs and also to the workforce needs and interests.

TTC's methodology involves a “learning how to learn" model that supports continual development of personal knowledge, engagement, and productivity skills as a part of day-to-day workplace interactions and initiatives. Relevant resources and approaches are introduced and TTC consultants facilitate interactive dialogues, meetings, and skill-building techniques. TTC identifies and engages the internal talent within the organization to shadow our consultants in order to build the internal capacity to sustain the work beyond consultant contractual commitment. 

An important component of our approach is the recognition that “one size fits all” training and intervention does not build or sustain internal capacity. Training and change intervention must be tailored to the needs of each organization taking into account that every division, team, and department has, over time, created their own culture. To effectively impact the culture, it is essential to tailor our approach to be germane and congruent with the culture that has already developed. TTC assesses these cultures, establishes the relationships and sustains the trust of the employees (management and staff) to carefully put in place the appropriate integrated workplace strategy. Each department has a different culture and history that is taken into account when creating sustainable integrated workplace performance and capability. TTC has designed a strategy that actively engages the process of weaving the divisional cultures together to create a well-aligned network of competency and productivity.

 TTC understands that in order to promote opportunities that provide beneficial learning experiences, it is important to identify and strengthen organizational conditions that support “readiness for change,” such as:

  • Positive openness to change

  • A willingness to develop new frameworks of relationship and action

  • Engaging the entire organization (top down/bottom up) in the change effort

  • Involving personnel who are prepared to take responsibility for the change process

  • Identifying the capacity to transform "mistakes" into learning opportunities

  • Understanding and communicating that change occurs over time 

  • Employing consistent management team fast-track action response strategies


Trinity Transition Consultants is a limited liability company founded in 1997.  As an African American Woman owned company, TTC is dedicated to serving public, private, and nonprofit organizations with an unyielding commitment to quality and professionalism.  Our company is composed of highly qualified consultants from all walks of life with diverse approaches, ideas, and skill sets.  We value and celebrate our company’s diversity, and understand that our differences are our strengths.  Our company’s view towards our own diversity and inclusion is a powerful and transparent component of our technique and methodology.  TTC utilizes a two-trainer/facilitator team approach for training and team intervention— our multi-racial and mixed-gender teams model how culturally different individuals can work well together, further modeling cultural competency skill building. 

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